2023 Bucket List

Whew. 2022’s bucket list kicked my ass. I’m taking on a shorter list this year.

  1. Enjoy a “Salt Water Float” sessionCheck. 2/13/23
  2. Read 12 of the Good Reads best books of 2022. (3 down. List below…)
  3. Visit The Outsiders House/Museum in Tulsa, OK
  4. Axe throwing.
  5. Visit the U.P. in Michigan.
  6. Finish a certification program that benefits me professionally.
  7. Participate in some kind of physical endurance challenge.
  8. Go completely ‘grey’ – all natural hair color.
  9. Lose 20% of my January 1 starting weight.
  10. Bake something new every month. (1 down – list below…)
  11. Bike part of the Katy Trail. (Sigh. This did not happen in 2022 so I’m making it happen in 2023).
  12. Paint a picture. Carry over from 2022. – Check. 2/8/23

Books I read in 2023

1) Book Lovers (Emily Henry) – Comical, romantic and dark. Would recommend.
2) The Golden Couple (Greer Hendricks) – Dark and twisty. Would recommend.
3) It Starts With Us (Colleen Hoover) – Romantic. Would recommend BUT read It Ends With Us first.

Things I baked in 2023:
January: Pumpkin Bread – Recipe here
February: Baked Blueberry & Banana Oatmeal – Recipe here